Can AI Perform SEO? Experimenting With OpenAI’s GPT-3


Can AI Perform SEO? Experimenting With OpenAI's GPT-3

Can AI perform SEO and how does it compare to the work of seasoned SEO experts? See how this experiment using OpenAI’s GPT-3 turned out.

ChatGPT, Explained: What to Know About OpenAI’s Chatbot | Tech News Briefing Podcast | WSJ

ChatGPT, Lensa and DALL-E are giving more people without computing skills the chance to interact with artificial intelligence. These AI programs that can write detailed responses to questions or create stunning images based on prompts are all over social media.

WSJ personal tech reporter Ann-Marie Alcántara joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss how the programs work and the concerns that have been raised about their potential misuse.

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OpenAI’s GPT-3 is Cheaper! What does this mean for AI?

Hello everybody! OpenAI put out an announcement with pricing changes for GPT-3 making it cheaper for everyone! Hooray! In this video, we break down the cost per character and the cost per million characters to help you understand how it will affect your AI creations and content generation.

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Cheating With ChatGPT: Can OpenAI’s Chatbot Pass AP Lit? | WSJ

Back to school, back to school, to prove AI is no fool…

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s new artificially intelligent chatbot, can write essays on complex topics. WSJ’s Joanna Stern went back to high school AP Literature for a day to see if she could pass the class using just AI. Photo illustration: Elena Scotti

Tech Things With Joanna Stern
Everything is now a tech thing. In creative and humorous videos, WSJ senior personal tech columnist Joanna Stern explains and reviews the products, services and trends that are changing our world.

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This AI automatically got me a date on Tinder (GPT-3 experiment)

In this experiment I connected OpenAI’s GTP-3 AI to my Tinder account. I let it talk freely with 70 of my matches. This video is about how it works, how I built it and how it went!

This was a long one for me to build, I hope you’ll be liking it as much as I liked doing it!

If you want to play with this code on your Tinder account, I opened sourced it so you can see the guts and maybe who knows create something even more elaborated!

Tech stack: GPT-3 (AI), Nodejs (Javascript), Puppeteer


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