Craig Campbell Talks SEO Trends, Organic Growth & Personal Branding


Craig Campbell Talks SEO Trends, Organic Growth & Personal Branding

Which SEO trends and digital marketing channels should you be taking advantage of? Glasgow-based SEO professional Craig Campbell shares tips and advice.

Building a Website from Scratch for Affiliate Marketing, with Niche Website Builders

This show is all about Niche Affiliate Websites and we get the chance to talk to our Youtube sponsor’s who have built over 5000+ niche websites. We get to pick their brain and get all the information we need from someone who have built so many sites.

Live Site SEO Audit with Craig Campbell & Jason Mun

We love a good live site audit. It’s a great way to get a snapshot of where you can have some quick SEO wins, and discover any larger issues.
Quick wins that can make a big difference can sometimes be easily overlooked, particularly if you’re busy working on campaigns. So you picking up on those quick items and implementing them is sure to make a positive impact. On the other hand, if there are some more difficult issues that could be underlying and causing some fundamental problems, these should not be ignored if they seem too difficult. It’s good to get a strategy for addressing issues so that you can get your website SEO in good shape.
In this webinar, affiliate marketing legend Craig Campbell and eCommerce SEO extraordinaire Jason Mun join Peter Mead and Nik Ranger to walk you through a live site audit. As usual, we are sure to find some interesting discoveries.

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00:00 Introduction to Guests and Topic
04:00 1st Site: Investigating Lost Keywords from a Google Update
09:37 Technical SEO Audit
16:55 Adding Product Descriptions and Schema
19:05 Crawling, Canonicalization, and Page Speed Issues
23:44 Internal Linking for eCommerce Sites
31:10 The Importance of Off-Page SEO
34:00 2nd Site: Page Speed and Recipe Schema
35:54 Disavowing Toxic Backlinks
39:27 Site Audit for the 2nd Site
46:27 Does Removing Bad Backlinks Really Work?
48:40 Other Practical Improvements for the 2nd Website
53:30 General Tips for Auditing a Site
55:30 How Important Are Unique Meta Descriptions?
58:16 Crawling Websites on Different Platforms
59:55 Webinar Conclusion

SEO Tips and Tricks with Chris Palmer & Craig Campbell

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SEO Tips with Craig Campbell & Chris Palmer

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