Doing More with Less: Automated, High-Quality Content Generation


Doing More with Less: Automated, High-Quality Content Generation

Discover how technical SEOs can use the latest advances in Natural Language Understanding and Generation to create quality content at scale.

Doing More with Prisma Access: Best Practices for Logging and Reporting

Learn about Prisma Access: Logging to Cortex Data Lake, Reporting through Prisma Access Insights, & the PANW-Explore application.

Find more information on the LIVEcommunity Prisma Access technology resource page:

Using Innovation to do More with Less | Cedrik Neike | TEDxNuremberg

Cedrik Neike’s TEDxNuremberg talk offers deep insights into how innovations can help industry and consumers to solve the major challenges of our time. He encourages all of us to be bold and creative, and to use innovations to do more with less. Since October 2020 Cedrik is the CEO of Siemens’ industrial business “Digital Industries” – and he is also responsible for the IoT business, cybersecurity, and IT. He started his career at Siemens as Product Line Manager for Wireless Internet and spent 16 years in various management positions at Cisco Systems based in the US and Germany. Cedrik completed his academic career with a Bachelor and MBA in Engineering / Business Finance. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Dropbox productivity tools: do more with your ideas

See Dropbox’s new productivity tools that help you do more with your ideas. However you work. Wherever you work. Learn how to get more done with Dropbox at

Explore Dropbox Scan:
Discover Dropbox Capture:

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Dr. Benjamin Hardy is an organizational psychologist and is the world’s leading expert on the psychology of entrepreneurial leadership and exponential growth. His PhD research focused on entrepreneurial courage and transformational leadership. Before completing his PhD, his blogs were read by over 100 million people, he published his first major book Willpower Doesn’t Work, and he was running a 7-figure online training business. Since finishing his PhD in 2019, Dr. Hardy has published 5 additional books, including three co-authored with the legendary entrepreneurial coach, Dan Sullivan. His books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and he is a sought-after teacher and speaker at corporate and entrepreneurial events as well as Fortune 500 companies. He and his wife Lauren are the parents of six kids and live in Orlando, Florida.



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