Semantic Search: How It Works & Who It’s For


Semantic Search: How It Works & Who It's For

Is semantic search applicable in your business and marketing plans, and how can you use it to your advantage?

Module 2 Google Semantic Search

Here is the second module in the Google Semantic Search course with David Amerland and Martin Shervington.
In this module we will answer these questions:
What is Google’s Knowledge Graph all about?
How does this change how one should approach SEO?
What are the 3 principles that are central of the new approach of Semantic Search? (Trust, Reputation, Authority)
What should businesses be considering?

6.7 Semantic Search

What is Semantic Search

Team Imperium Presents

Text embeddings & semantic search

Learn how Transformer models can be used to represent documents and queries as vectors called embeddings. In this video, we apply this technique to create a semantic search engine!

This video is part of the Hugging Face course:
Open in colab to run the code samples:

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