YouTube SEO From Basic To Advanced: How To Optimize Your Videos


YouTube SEO From Basic To Advanced: How To Optimize Your Videos

Learn about YouTube ranking factors and how to optimize for them in this guide to YouTube SEO, with tips ranging from basic to advanced.

YouTube SEO Tips 2022: Boost Your Video Ranking

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In this video, we will introduce eleven YouTube SEO tips that will help you to boost your video ranking. If you want to optimize your YouTube channel for business, you must learn how to improve youtube video seo/how to improve youtube video search ranking/youtube video ranking tricks.

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How To Rank Youtube Videos Fast | Youtube Keyword Research | Youtube SEO

How To Rank Youtube Videos Fast | Youtube Keyword Research | Youtube SEO

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Welcome to our How To Rank Youtube Videos Fast Video!

If you want to rank YouTubes fast in 2022, you need to optimize your channel for both Google and YouTube. Here are 6 simple hacks to help you rank your YouTube videos fast.

When casting an envious eye at the millions of views enjoyed by the most successful YouTube channels and popular videos, it’s easy to put that good fortune down to the fact that the channel was already established and had an unfair head start.

But remember, every single YouTube channel started with 0 views and 0 subscribers. Every single one.

1. How To Title Your YouTube Videos
Video titles on YouTube can be up to 100 characters. However, Google cuts off the title after 70 characters.

Put the most important information at the start of your title, including the keyword.

Keywords are the most important key to rank YouTube videos. To pick your keywords, consider what question you’re answering with your video. These keywords are what people will be typing into their Google or YouTube search.

2. YouTube Tags
Keywords make you rank on Google, but tags help rank YouTube videos within YouTube.

To figure out which tag to use, get on vidIQ and type in your keyword idea. Then, select all the tags related to your keyword (these are often more than one word). Do not overdo it! You can add up to 500 characters of tags, I recommend keeping it under 400. You do not want to confuse the YouTube algorithm. Stay focused on tags related to the keyword/phrase you are trying to rank for. Do not try to rank for more than one.

3: YouTube Video Description
In each video, you have the opportunity to include a description.

If you want to rank YouTube videos fast, make sure to follow these guidelines for the video description:

Your description should be at least 250 words long
Include your keywords within the first 25 words (eg, in the first sentence)
Repeat your keyword (“naturally”) about 3-4 times

4: YouTube Thumbnail
YouTube will automatically assign a thumbnail to your video. It may or may not be flattering or a good representation of your brand.

Take control back and create the perfect thumbnail for your video, complete with overlay text that describes and entices. This will not directly help you rank YouTube videos fast, but it will increase the chances of people clicking on your video among the search results.

5: YouTube Caption File
For a long time I would recommend, if you want to rank YouTube videos, you need a caption file. But I don’t think this is true anymore.

If you’re not familiar, a caption file correlates written text of what you say with a timestamp. It helps people who are hard-of-hearing, deaf, or speak another language. You can use YouTube’s Captions Editor in YouTube Studio to edit the caption files after they are automatically generated by YouTube’s AI.

6: YouTube Backlinks
When other websites or social profiles link to your video (backlinks), it shows Google that your video is relevant and high-value. Google will rank YouTube videos with more backlinks higher.

To get more backlinks, share them on social platforms and comment on relevant blogs with the link to help answer people’s questions.


Ranking YouTube videos on Google is a powerful way to get more exposure for your brand or business. Build your repository of great videos get them be found on Google and YouTube with these hacks:


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YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos #1

In this video, you’ll learn how to do YouTube SEO to rank your videos #1 in YouTube search.

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Using these exact tips, we’ve managed to rank #1 for some of the most valuable keywords in our niche.

YouTube SEO is important because:

► Views from YouTube search are consistent. This also helps you get more YouTube subscribers consistently.
► Search views have high average view durations.
► Search views don’t require an existing audience or library of videos like Browse features and suggested views.

Here are the YouTube SEO tips and processes that’ll help you rank your videos #1.

The first step is to do YouTube keyword research. You’ll need to start with generating a list of keyword ideas.

You’ll learn about the tools and processes that help you with this from the video.

Second, you need to choose a topic you want to go after. Here you’ll need a brainstormed keyword list from the last step.

Watch the video to learn more about choosing your topic.

The next step will be to create a high-performing video. In short, it’s a video that will have high retention, high average view duration, and high CTR. Here, you may want to script your content to organize the structure of your videos and retain people’s attention spans.

In the next step, you’ll need to optimize your video for YouTube. There are 7 important things you’ll need to do to improve video SEO on YouTube. These 7 tips are shared as a checklist in the video.

When you’ve done all of these things, then promotion is pretty straightforward. Watch the video to get more ideas on promoting your optimized videos and getting more views.


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6:33 Choose a topic you want to go after
7:46 Create a high-performing video
11:12 Optimize your video for YouTube
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YOUTUBE SEO BASICS – Rank Your Videos #1 on YouTube (Fast!)

The secret to getting more views on your Youtube Video is to utilize SEO when creating your Youtube Video. Search Engine Optimization will help your videos be shown and easily found. If you want to learn the basics to SEO for your Youtube Videos, keep watching!

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